Real Estate Divorce Specialist


Divorce Stats:

41% of first marriages end in divorce

60% of second marriages end in divorce

74% of third marriages end in divorce


Whether you are in the very early stages of thinking of divorce, or if you have already filed, it is never too early to discuss selling your marital home or other real estate.

Call me today or email me for an informal, or formal chat regarding selling and/or buying real estate and divorce.

Did you know…..?

- There are different classes of home ownership between married couples.

- You cannot change the locks on your marital home if one spouse moves out.

- Both spouses have to agree and sign to sell the marital home.

- The marital home is equally owned, no matter if one spouse owned it before marriage.

- If one spouse moves out, it does not change the ownership rights.


Divorce and moving are 2 of the top 5 most stressful life events.  I have helped numerous couples navigate through selling their marital home and buying new homes during the 18 years I have been a realtor.

Helping divorcing couples requires a set of skills over and above the normal real estate skills.  I promise the following:

- Complete confidentiality from start to finish.

- Experienced advice and skills.

- Free private consultation on the process of selling and/or buying throughout divorce.

- Complimentary home evaluation.

  • Tried and tested resources.


Knowing your rights and how the process works will give you confidence to find the right help for you and your family.