This rent-to-own program is designed to help renters and buyers to get into a home of their choice today and own it in 3 years.

During this time, renters and buyers are helped to save for a larger deposit, pay off debts, repair credit, finalise divorce agreements, be discharged from bankruptcy or proposal, etc….

Who should use this program?


  • People who have experienced some hardship and their credit score is not good?
  • You are self employed?
  • Maybe you are new to Canada?
  • Declared bankruptcy or consumer proposal?
  • Not able to save for a good down payment?
  • Going through a divorce, or are divorced?
  • Have student debt?


If you have a good job and a small deposit, call me today or email me to discuss the process.

I have worked with JAAG in the past and the program is designed to help people fulfill their dream of owning their own home and being able to move into that home now, while they work to obtain a mortgage.